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Derek Rubinoff, AIA, LEED AP; Principal

As the firm’s principal and lead designer, Mr. Rubinoff works closely with clients to conceptualize
innovative designs which articulate and amplify the client’s objectives or brand. Mr. Rubinoff ’s
award-winning designs range from creating bold and memorable places to augmenting the innate
architectural character of existing buildings, all while harmonizing with existing neighborhoods
and surroundings. Mr. Rubinoff is responsible for directing design, managing client relationships,
business development, and firm management. Additionally, Mr. Rubinoff leads projects through
planning approvals processes, presenting to and working with planning departments, historic
preservation commissions, neighborhood groups, zoning, and accessibility boards, achieving
approvals and variances. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University.


Dror Amitay, Associate/Senior Project Manager/Dir. of Staff

Mr. Amitay has over two decades of experience practicing architecture and interiors in the US
and internationally. With his senior project management experience and leadership talent, Mr.
Amitay is adept with project budgets, timelines, staffing, client management, and construction
administration. Mr. Amitay is in charge of QA/QC and has been instrumental in the success of
several restaurant, office, residential, and commercial projects. He holds a Bachelor in Practical Architecture Engineering & Interior Design from Meimad College.


Anat Beck-Nachtigal, LEED AP; Associate/Senior Project Architect

Ms. Beck-Nachtigal is highly valued by our clients for being a strong senior designer and an experienced senior project architect who provides clients and projects with personal attention. Her thoughtfulness, creativity, sense of composition, and attention to detail bring excellence and delight to our projects. Ms. Beck-Nachtigal has worked with many of our residential clients though design, documentation, and approvals. She holds a Master of Architecture with Distinctions from the University of Michigan.

Viki Labrou-Betts, RA, LEED GA; Project Architect

Ms. Labrou-Betts is a licensed architect with the maturity and experiential depth of practicing architecture and interiors for over 25 years in the US and Europe. She is a considerate, detail-oriented designer who ensures projects are well planned and well thought through. She holds both a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a Master of Architecture from the University of Michigan, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Victoria DeVeau, Project Designer/Job Captain

With keen intelligence and thoughtful creativity, Ms. DeVeau conceives and illustrates design solutions which contribute to the excellence of our projects. Her production abilities are thorough and timely and she's a terrific collaborator. Ms. DeVeau holds a Master of Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Elinor Gefen-Rotstein, Architectural Designer

Ms. Gefen-Rotstein has become a well-known kitchen and residential interiors designer from her online blog Broken Design. Her research into design for residential living brings depth, ideas, and intellectual curiosity to our projects and delight to our clients. Ms. Gefen-Rotstein's passion for design extends into photography and graphics. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Technion--Israel Institute of Technology.

Tianshuo Wang, Junior Designer

Mr. Wang is an explorer by nature. He is a serious and disciplined designer whose interest in knowledge propels his curiosity to take on challenges, expanding his abilities and informing his creative process. A thinker, he is an outstanding design talent, and has the experience of having interned for several well-established design firms in his native China. Mr. Wang holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the Beijing University of Technology and a Master of Science in Design, Environmental Building Design from the University of Pennsylvania.

Gergess Abi Assaf, Junior Designer

Mr. Abi Assaf brings a can-do attitude to assignments and a commitment to see projects through to success. Using savvy software abilities, Mr. Abi Assaf excels with creating impactful presentation renderings. Mr. Abi Assaf holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Balamand—The Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts, ALBA.

Derek Rubinoff 2010-04-18, photo by Elen
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